Emoke was, without a doubt, an agent with integrity.

We had absolutely no worries going through the selling process. Emoke always kept in touch with us in a timely manner about all details. If she had sent an email or text she always followed up with a phone call.

Emoke was there and with us every step of the way.

Very pleased with how quick and complete the whole process of buying and selling a home revolved. The service was excellent from start to finish.

A cut above

Our service was super. It was hard for us to tell if Emoke was going above and beyond in our earlier transactions just because we had never worked with another agent. Now, having used another agent to buy in Spokane, we know that Emoke is really a cut above.

Emoke provided consistent, very excellent service.

Emoke consistently followed up on all aspects of the sale. Even though I was on a boat in Alaska - she pulled all the pieces together. Even when the bank screwed up our loan, Emoke marshaled forces to get the transaction completed on time.